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grooms Puerto Rico


For grooms with a wedding in Puerto Rico, our offer ranges from simple tuxedos to arranging a custom clothing gathering for your groomsmen: your wedding day attire should be worthy of a once in a lifetime occasion. 


Your special day will only come around once, right?

La Tigre believes it is only fair to show your significant other how much you value the effort invested in this most singular occasion by choosing an amazing looking wardrobe worth admiring in pictures & videos for the rest of your lives. 


We keep close contact with high-end local wedding dress designers, being located on such a popular wedding destination, we are aware of the significant investment brides customarily make on truly beautiful designer dresses, whilst many grooms and groomsmen alike, choose poor quality, ill-fitting tuxedo rentals or shoddy guayaberas on such a special occasion.


Equality being a driving force behind our brand’s character, we believe men can do so much better.

Let us guide you through a process you will both be proud of, by designing your wedding wardrobe to the high-quality standard you both deserve.


When booking your appointment please select “Wedding Celebrations” so that we can prepare a special selection just for you. 


We can also arrange garments for your groomsmen, and put together a custom clothing fitting gathering just for your boys. An undoubtedly cool experience that can be documented as part of your wedding celebrations, creating a memory of your friendship that will last a lifetime. 

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