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Founder Mario Alberghini


La Tigre is Puerto Rico’s premier source for authentic European men’s clothing, shoes, accessories, and high-end Made-to-Measure services. Our recent addition includes a curated women's collection, ensuring every customer finds their perfect style. We pride ourselves on providing customers with an educated style culture and a distinctly personalized shopping experience. Discover the essence of European elegance at La Tigre today!


Founder Mario Alberghini became passionate about menswear at an early age, working alongside his father Walter, an Italian immigrant with a highly developed sense of style, and a natural zeal for customer service, who successfully managed Le Club Menswear in San Juan for thirty years. 

Mario was able to pursue a career in menswear starting with his experiences at the retail level, which led him to companies such as Canali and Zanella.  After several years working in New York, he was admitted on a merit-based scholarship to the prestigious Bologna Business School, at the University of Bologna, Italy, where he would earn a master’s degree in business administration, specializing in the development of fashion, design and luxury goods enterprises.  


Throughout this period in Bologna, Mario became  a regular patron at Osteria La Tigre on Via Orfeo, a cozy place known mostly to locals for its ambiance, charm, friendly staff, late-night gatherings, free-flowing wine, and lively character, which at the time had recently been acquired by musical legend Cesare Cremonini, a native of Bologna. 


Once in Puerto Rico, Mario was determined to bring to life his dream of opening a unique menswear boutique and becoming a modern-day haberdasher.  An epiphany would define the concept for the brand's identity: it would recreate the look, feel, mood and personality of the prized osteria, translating its attributes to the retail context, and turning them into the centerpiece of the customer experience within the physical space, and the brand’s persona. Hence the name La Tigre Uomo, born in the spring of 2016. 


Nowadays, paradigms about fashion within the Hispanic culture are being tested, as a renewed sense of importance for the elements of style has emerged, and a desire for quality, sustainability, and social impact has come to define a new generation of professionals and consumers. 

Much in the way Puerto Ricans have led the way in music and the arts, La Tigre is exposing a new generation of men and women to the value of responsibly-made men's fashion, quintessential men ' s wear and enduring principles of style.


Our value system rests on the belief that dressing well is a form of good manners and an expression of dignity, and that most intelligent wardrobe decisions are guided by the notion that less is more. 


We cherish the work done by every participant in our value chain, from those who supply our textiles, to the men and women who sew them together into beautiful pieces; from to the style consultants who guide our customer through intelligent decision making, to the clients who trust us with the fruit of their labor to supply them with an enhanced image through complementary image consulting and advice either on a regular basis or in life’s most cherished occasions.  

La Tigre was born out of immense respect for our craft, a passion for progress, and a desire to enhance our customer’s lives through the art of dressing with purpose. 


Because each man’s story deserves to be told with respect, we put so much effort into selecting products that carry their own story; one that is filled with elements of hard work and painstaking attention to detail, made by individuals who put in their best effort into final pieces that flatteringly complement the man who proudly carries each garment.


Become part of a movement seeking to propel our destiny forward through hard-work, style, and progress. Let La Tigre be part of your very personal style journey.

“We think of ourselves as stewards of sartorial heritage, ushers of human interaction, shepherds to the fashion novice, and allies to the expert dressers.”
La Tigre Story
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