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tailored suits Puerto Rico


Now that you have decided on a style upgrade reflecting who you are and what you stand for, it is likely that questions will arise about the next steps on your style journey.  Here’s a quick guide describing what to expect from this unique process. We offer custom tuxedos, jackets, suits, shirts, trousers, and more. 

custom fabrics

1. Request an initial consultation


Taking a leap and getting to know La Tigre might be the first step in a long-term relationship with your style consultant.  Select the time slot that is most convenient for you using our website, and visit us at 1509 Ponce de Leon Ave, San Juan PR 00909. We are located within the Ciudadela complex, at the Plaza Level, next to Pueblo. 

An initial consultation is especially important as a means for us to calmly understand who your character, and therefore your style needs.  This engagement session is designed to help you familiarize yourself with the products and services offered by La Tigre, lead times and price ranges throughout various categories.   


Our made-to-measure custom suit prices  depend on the fabric chosen. We also offer a Premium Collection featuring fabrics from some of the very best Italian and British mills. For our most exquisite clients, we offer bespoke tailoring, completely hand-made, with fabrics from mills such as Vitale Barberis Canonico and Drago. 

We can deliver your garments personally, or ship them complementarily. 


2. Designing the right garment & accomplishing your style goals


After having gotten to know you and understanding your style needs, our consultants will begin to present you with fabric options from different places, quality, and price.  


Once you have decided on the perfect fabric, several other decisions regarding style and personalization will be made with our guidance.  These include jacket style (one, two, three buttons, single-breasted or double-breasted, etc.), pocket style, pants style (flat front, single pleat, double pleat, triple pleat, etc.), and other personalization options such as monogramming, labeling, lining, and premium real horn buttons.

“Exposing a new generation of men and women to the value of responsibly-made men's fashion, quintessential men ' s wear and enduring principles of style”.
La Tigre services

3. Measuring and creating your style profile


Fit is the most important aspect of carrying a beautiful garment gracefully. We will take about forty different measurements, and photograph you from three different angles. This will help us review your visit at the time of communicating your order to our master tailors. 

one of a kind suit

5. Completion & Delivery 


It is an immense pleasure for us to deliver each completed garment.  Once you discover the positive sensation that comes with looking great and feeling like a winner in quality clothing made specifically for you, and designed with your input, you may never go back to ready-made pieces, and visit La Tigre periodically. Just remember to book your appointment as a “current customer”. 


If you would like to request our Luxury transport service or would like us to come to you, please call 787.470.9151 or send us an email at


Remember, dressing well is a form of good manners.  It’s a war out there, every day, choose to be a classy/well-dressed warrior. You will see that with time, the world opens up for a man with great taste.  And that improvement will become contagious to those around you, prompting you to apply your newly acquired principles to other areas of your life, such as people, places, habits, hobbies and general well-being.  

A life lived in fear is a life half lived. Do not limit yourself to the mediocrity of the group that surrounds you. Dare to be unique. Step out of your head, and into the best version of yourself with help from La Tigre.

personalized service

4. First fitting of your new garment 


Once your garments have been received at our store, we will contact you to arrange a fitting session, which takes between 15-20 minutes. Often, garments fit our customers perfectly at once, but occasionally minor alterations are needed in order to guarantee the perfect fit and drape. We perform these alterations at no extra cost to our customers and usually deliver the final garment within 3-4 business days. We can deliver your garments personally, or ship them complementary. 

If you are out of the Island and need to use a local tailor, we ask that you send us 3 pictures of the needed alterations (wearing the garment). Upon receipt of a paid invoice, we will issue a credit on your account for the value of the alterations. 


If you would like to request our #LATIGRESTYLE RIDE or would like us to come to you, please call 787.470.9151 or send us an email to


Here are some key benefits of engaging in our made-to-measure program.

custom suit

FIT: Custom means made to your exact measurements, form, posture, etc.  Once you have experienced wearing a garment that has been tailored to your body, a new journey in personal style will begin.

SELECTION: Even if your body has the dimensions of a standard size 42, off-the-rack pieces offer a limited range of options when it comes to fabrics, patterns, linings, buttons, etc. When buying custom, you will be exposed to hundreds of fabrics, many of which only come around seasonally, creating a piece that is distinctively yours.

STYLE: Have you ever walked into a department store or chain store, and walked out having decided your preferred lapel style, width, whether you like center vents, or side vents, button stance and pocket style? Most likely not, because only custom clothing gives you as many as a thousand options which can make your garments achieve that special look that correctly tells the story of who you are.

QUALITY: We personally know many of the men and women who put together the garments we offer. We stand behind our products 100%, and you can always count on us to deliver only high-quality goods to our customers. etc The amount of workmanship and quality that goes into each garment can rarely be surpassed by ready-made, massively distributed options.

INDIVIDUALITY: There can only be one custom-tailored garment at a time. Which means that your garment is uniquely yours, for you to enjoy and others to admire.

VALUE: When you consider all these factors, you will quickly realize that custom garments truly exceed the value of most ready-made options.  Think of custom as shopping only for what works best for you, rather than adding “stuff” into your wardrobe that will not serve you best in the long run, hence wasting money.

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